Intruder and duress alarm systems help with the deterrence and detection of intruders or duress situations on your premises. From a simple alarm system to an alarm system that has smartphone capabilities and integrated access control, All Security has a solution for your home or business.

Our grade 1 monitoring station provides 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring, ensuring prompt and effective responses to activated alarms, scheduled open and closes, low battery, AC mains power loss and duress alarms.

CCTV (closed circuit television) is an effective and affordable tool. Providing a visible security presence it will:
– Deter theft and vandalism
– Identify risks
– Management of external and internal theft and stock shrinkage
– Management of occupational health and safety (OHS) issues

With advancements in technology today CCTV surveillance systems have come along way with many systems able to be remotely monitored through your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.
All Security installs a large range of security camera systems:
– SD CCTV (standard definition)
– HD-SDI CCTV (high definition)
– IP CCTV (high definition)

With many years experience we are well placed in providing you the correct advice and installation standards of any system you choose.

Access control is a key component in protecting your facility and ensuring customer and employee safety. It will safeguard your assets, reduce the dependency on keys and locks that may need to be changed when employees leave or lose their keys.

The access control system can also be used for employee start and finish times. It may also be a priority for your business to monitor who goes where and when.

All Security has access control systems to suit all applications, from a single door to thousands of doors spread across multiple sites managed from one location.

Intercom systems are an important tool, providing convenience and added security to your home or business, allowing you to speak and or view visitors before meeting them or releasing the door to let them in.

All Security has access to a vast range of intercom systems.
– Audio
– Video
– IP (video call to your smartphone or tablet, so you know who’s at your door, even when you are not there. Also has the capability of remotely releasing the door)

The gate and perimeter security systems and services that the team at All Security utilises can include:
– Boom gates
– Sliding gates
– Swing gates
– Gate fabrication
– Perimeter security fencing
– Perimeter detection systems

All Security can offer an operating lease that allows you to have the level of security for your assets, property and staff without the upfront capital expense.
Leasing may also provide your business with tax benefits.